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As Amended September 27, 2008

I. Background & Purpose

The Six Meter International Radio Klub (SMIRK) was organized in 1973 by a small group of San Antonio, Texas area amateurs active on the 50 to 54 MHz amateur band. The purpose of SMIRK then, and remains, the promotion of operation on the SIX meter band. This promotion may take takes several forms:

1. Provide technical and promotional material concerning SIX meter operation, including information on propagation phenomena and suitable equipment.

2. Sponsor contests to take place on SIX meters.

3. Sponsor various awards for SIX meter operation.

4. Provide financial and/or equipment support for worthy DXpeditions which emphasize six meters in their operations, and which, in the opinion of the SMIRK Board of Directors, have a reasonable chance of providing six meter contacts with a significant number of six meter operators.

5. Provide mentoring to those considering SIX meter operation, especially those in countries with little or no six meter presence.

6. Provide, when in the opinion of the SMIRK Board of Directors such assistance is warranted, suitable SIX meter equipment to deserving operators in countries outside the U.S, with little or no six meter presence who express a serious desire to operate the band but for whom economic or other factors have prevented them from doing so

7. Encourage and promote good operating practices among SIX meter operators.

8. Invite to membership, qualified licensed amateurs and issue each such qualifying person a lifetime SMIRK membership.

A. Classes of Membership

There shall be ONE single class of SMIRK membership:

B. Becoming a Member of SMIRK

To become a Member of SMIRK each applicant must:

1. Be a licensed radio amateur in his or her country with a license grade that permits operation on the SIX meter band.

2. Submit to the Secretary a list of six (6) SMIRK members contacted on SIX meters, along with notations as to the call letters and SMIRK Number of each such member.

3. Enclose with the above, payment of Six Dollars U.S. (US$6.) by check written on a U.S. bank, a cashiers check, postal money order or another funds transfer instrument as authorized by the SMIRK Board of Directors.
Upon completion of the above, the Secretary, by the issuance of a SMIRK Membership Certificate bearing a unique SMIRK number, will inform that person that he or she is henceforth a lifetime SMIRK Member. The number issued to that individual is permanent and will never intentionally be re-issued to anyone else.

4. SMIRK Members

a. All SMIRK Members shall have the right to take part in all SMIRK activities such as contests and to compete for various SMIRK awards and to serve on the SMIRK Board of Directors and hold office.

b. All SMIRK Members are permitted and encouraged to use their SMIRK number during on-the-air contacts and include the number and SMIRK logo on printed material such as letterhead and QSL cards.

II. Administration

The affairs of SMIRK shall be administered by the Board of Directors and the Officers.

A. Board of Directors

1. The SMIRK Board of Directors shall consist of SEVEN Members and TWO Alternates, all of whom shall be SMIRK Members.

B. Nomination and Election and Terms of Board Members

2. Nominations for the SMIRK Board of Directors may be made by any Member including the nominee himself or herself.  To be valid, each such nominating petition must be received by the Secretary by at least 30 days prior to the next in-person Board meeting.

3. Following receipt of nominations, the Secretary, shall certify the nominations and cause to be published on the SMIRK Website, the list of those nominated.

4 Election shall be either at in-person meetings or via e-mail. To be elected, each nominee must receive at least ten (10) votes from current SMIRK members. If more than 10 voles are received, the candidate(s) with the most votes shall be declared elected.

5. Each Board member shall serve for a minimum of TWO (2) years unless that person resigns or is otherwise unable to serve or, after TWO (2) years, a new Board member is elected to replace him or her. 

C Board of Directors Meetings

1. Annual Meeting

a. It is intended, although not mandatory, that the SMIRK Board will meet in person at least once each year. An attempt will be made to hold the meetings at functions Board members might normally attend, such at the Central States VHF Society Conference, the Dayton Hamvention, or one of the Six Meter gatherings which are held at various locations from time to time.

2. Other Meetings

a. It is intended to conduct as much of the Board's business as possible via E-Mail, but when considered necessary by the President, telephone conferences or specially called in-person meetings will be called. The cost of Board meetings conducted via telephone conference calls will be borne by SMIRK, but voluntary donations are welcomed.

3. Conduct of Board Meetings

a. All in-person SMIRK Board meetings shall be conducted by the President or his or her designated substitute who shall be a sitting Board member.

b. Except when declared otherwise by the President or Vice President acting in his or her stead, all in-person SMIRK Board meetings shall be open to all, SMIRK Members or non-Members as observers. Such observers may make comments and suggestions at the behest of one or more Board members.

c. Board meetings shall be generally informal but customarily accepted rules of procedure shall be used when making motions and taking votes.

d..  At in-person Board meetings participation in Board meetings in terms of making motions and voting shall be limited to the sitting Board members present or participating via telephone if unable to attend in person. If a single Board Member is unable to attend either in person or via telephone, the First Alternate shall act in place of that member during that meeting. If the First Alternate is unavailable, the Second shall act in place of the absent member. If TWO Board Members are unable to participate, the First and Second Alternates shall also be called upon to act during that meeting.

e. A quorum shall consist of FIVE Board Members including Alternates if attending the meeting in place of a missing Board Member.

D. Officers

1. The officers of SMIRK shall be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Secretary and Treasurer may be one person, but all of the other Officers must be separate people. The President shall be an elected Board member and shall act as Chairman of the Board. The Vice President shall also be an elected Board member and shall serve in the absence of the President or the President's inability to serve or resignation. Upon incapacitation or resignation of the Secretary or Treasurer, the President shall serve in those roles until a successors(s) can appointed to serve.

E. Election of Officers and Terms of Office

1. The Officers shall be elected by the Board at its Annual Meeting or at a Special Meeting held at the call of President or THREE current Board members. This meeting can be held in person, via e-mail or by telephone.

2. The Officers shall serve until they resign, become unable to serve or are replaced by action of the Board

F Other Positions

1. The President, upon consultation with the Board may, at his or her discretion, appoint SMIRK Members, to such other offices and positions as he or she may deem necessary or desirable to facilitate the carrying out of the objectives of SMIRK. However, the Board,  is empowered to remove any such Presidential appointee or eliminate the office or position altogether.

III. Amending the By Laws

These By Laws can be amended by a simple majority vote of the full Board of Directors (7 persons) which in, the absence of one or more Directors, may include Alternates. Before becoming effective, such amendments must be communicated to the Members via the SMIRK Website. If fewer than TEN (10) Percent of those members communicate in writing an objection to the amendment within SIXTY 60 days of its appearance on the Website, the amendment becomes effective. If more than TEN (10) percent of the members register an objection via mail or e-mail, the matter shall be re-considered by the full Board as above. The Board may, then, either rescind the amendment or, if it decides to proceed with it, the matter must be put to vote of the  Members via a second announcement on the SMIRK Website If a majority of the Members voting via mail or e-mail, vote in favor of the amendment; it become effective immediately. Otherwise, it is rejected.
Updated 27 September, 2008 
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